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Ballerina SQ

Control Remote control 4 speed (3+1 intense) Lamps 4x1w LED Colour black or white Decibel min50/max65 Extraction 650 m3/h Energy

Wall Plate

System 100: 100 x 54mm – VKC206 System 150: 180 x 95mm – VKC657 System 204: 204 x 60mm –

Esto Novara 2 Sloping Twin Glass Extractor

Control Touch Control 4 speed (3+1 intense) Lamps 2×2.1w round LED Colour Black with black glass Decibel min50/max65 Extraction 700

Esto Monza Mini 83×30 Wall Extractor

Control Remote control 4 speeds (3+1 intensive) Ready for integra system Lamps 4×2.2w LED Colour Stainless Steel Decibel min48/max 58


This is a versatile and popular discreet product designed to fit into a chimney or kitchen furniture and is available in a wide range of sizes

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